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Приглашаем к сотрудничеству

We are extending an invitation to anyone in New Zealand for a partnership to futher widen our sphere of influence. Our business is located in North Shore, Auckland. We are currently selling our pelmeni through supermarkets but are looking to try and expand into cafes and lunch bars. We are also offering special deals to the owners of this kind of establishments, ranging from more options for package sizes to pelmeni made to your order (either as standard 300/500g packets or bags of your choice up to 10kg) , as well as free advertisement on our premises and  training for your chefs. Please contact us for more info if you are interested.



Приглашаем на работу

We are also looking for an energetic pair of opportunists to sell cooked pelmeni on night and farmers’ markets.
Requirements: Good communication skills
Knowledge of the product
The ability to cook pelmeni and vareniki well
Possession of a car with a full license (The car needs to be fairly large)We also take care of your training. For more detailed info, contact us regarding the matter on