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Buckwheat groats SALE !B/b 11.04.2018!!!


Uvelkatm hulled buckwheat reserves all its nutritional properties during manufacturing. Buckwheat is an excellent source of B vitamins and micronutrients. It improves your digestion, well-being and working capacity. 5*80g

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Advantages of the preparation of cereals in bags for cooking:

  1. does not need to be washed and sorted through the rump;
  2. no need to measuring the exact amount of water and cereals;
  3. groats does not stick to pan, saucepan always remains clean;
  4. do not need to stand at the stove and watch the process of cooking, in this time you can safely do other things;
  5. simplicity and convenience of cooking enable you to cook even the child;
  6. The finished dish always crumbly.