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4-Grain Fine Cereal Flakes


It is a combination of benefits of oat, wheat, barley and rye flakes. Due to compliance with the entire process of manufacture (grains are steamed and cut before being bumped) all healthy elements and vitamins are preserved. Just within a few minutes, light puffy and healthy porridge can be cooked using these flakes. Oat flakes contain polysaccharides and have a curative effect on gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to the content of polysaturated acids, wheat flakes increase flexibility of vessels. Rye and barley flakes are rich in dietary fibers and pectin substances which facilitate removing of toxiс substances from a human body. Wheat flakes are rich in ferrum, that is why they increase content of hemoglobin in blood.Ingredients: oat, wheat, barley,rye flakes from cut groats Nett weight: 350g Nutritional value. 100g of product contains: protein — 10.0%, fat — 3.0%, starch — 56.4%, fiber — 1.3%. Minerals (mg) Na — 18, K — 269, Ca — 41, Mg — 94, P — 295, Fe — 4.25. Vitamins (mg) В1 — 0.39, В2 — 0.09, РР — 1.38, β-carotene — 0.65 Caloric value — 296 kcal Cooking time: 5 min.

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