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Frankfurter - Continental - Natural/ Сосиски франкфуртские в натуральной оболочке


SWISS DELI® Continental Frankfurter natural casing are prepared according to traditional recipes using the finest quality pork and beef. With a fine texture and mild flavour. Continental Frankfurter natural casing can be simmered, fried or grilled and are great as a snack, or in a hot dog with your favourite mustard. Gluten free and does not contain genetically modified ingredients 30 day shelf life if kept refrigerated Упаковка 500г PORK (52%), BEEF (26%), WATER, SALT, SPICES, MINERAL SALT (450, 451), MILK PROTEIN, DEXTROSE, ANTIOXIDANT (300), PRESERVATIVE (250), PROTEIN CASING. CONTAINS: MILK PRODUCT.

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